Bidar LEADer Teaches 191 Slum Children

Posted on Saturday, February 15, 2014 by LEAD

A good education is a sure way to break the cycle of poverty.  An educated child stands a chance at having a brighter future than an uneducated child.  However, Children from slum areas are at an extreme disadvantage.  Many of them do not attend school and those that do suffer from a poor education system.  Bidar LEADer Kaniksha felt for these children and wanted to improve their condition.  She gathered 9 of her fellow LEAD members to teach 191 slum children important subjects such as English, general knowledge, math, Hindi, and computer classes in the college canteen for more than 3 months.  Out of these 191 children, 50 were selected and placed in a program to attend additional classes.  College management sponsored the education of the top 12 achieving children out of these 50. 

Kaniksha's project was showcased at Yuva Summit 2014.

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