Davangere LEADer Conducts Employment Card Mela; Helps 200 People Apply

Posted on Saturday, February 15, 2014 by LEAD

Today's job market is tough, and there are many young people without jobs.  Employment cards issued by the government provide limited financial assistance to young people who are unemployed, but these cards can only be acquired if people take action to apply for it.  LEADer Prasanna from Davangere wanted to assist young people in applying for employment cards.  To accomplish this, he organized Employment Card Mela at Davangere University.  After getting permission from the university to host the event, Prasanna publicized his upcoming event through the mass distribution of pamphlets and flyers.  With support from Mr. Ram Chandra Rao (District Employment Officer), Prasanna helped more than 200 people apply for employment cards.

Prasanna's project was showcased at Yuva Summit 2014. 

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