Talikoti LEADer Conducts Massive Sports Rally

Posted on Saturday, February 15, 2014 by LEAD

Parents usually encourage their children to focus their attention and efforts more on academics rather than extracurricular activities.  While sports have the tremendous potential to boost students' confidence and build their teamwork skills all while making practice healthy exercising habits, many students never have the opportunity to engage in sports because of the stress placed on them by their parents to do well in school.  Talikoti LEADer Anupama Aylay, a university blue herself, wanted to heighten the awareness about the positive aspects of sports.  She gathered students from B.P. Ed College, S.K.College, NCC Cadets and other LEADers to conduct a massive rally about sports.  More than 300 people participated in the rally, including an international tennis player who is an alumni of one of the colleges. 

Many local business owners and villagers from surrounding villages observed the rally and appreciated the students for their enthusiasm.

Anupama's project was showcased in Yuva Summit 2014. 

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