Anonymus LEADer sharing her experience of Teaching Basic Drawing and Painting Skills to kids

Posted on Friday, July 25, 2014 by LEAD

1) I am interested in “ART” which is my strength. Instead of only distributing drawing materials to the poor children, teaching some skills and techniques of water color painting would be better.

2) I started teaching the art for 6 children. I purchased all the drawing materials from the fund given by the “DESHPANDE FOUNDATION”. Most of the materials were purchased in whole sale rate. Teaching the art was for 30days.

3) Patience to teach the kids was most challenging. Being very calm with kids, Spending daily 1 hour and being prepared was also very important.

4) The feeling of enthusiasm to show our talent to someone in the form of teaching.

5) In our profession whatever situation we are in, we have to complete our responsibilities. So learning from this project is controlling on our emotions and focusing on our work.

6) Very strong determination is required to complete the task, if the task is for longer duration. We should maintain the confidence level throughout the whole project.    

7) I did my project with little bit of smartness (purchasing the materials in wholesale market) and completion of project successfully. Students who underwent the classes have the interest in ART” which is helping in their academics (drawing subject and competitions)

8) I want to undertake the same project, also want to run my own “ART SCHOOL” in Belgaum, for the children who are interested in Art.      
Duration of the Project: 30 Days. (April 2012).
Implementation: Fort Belgaum.

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