LEADer Jagadeesh educated women about being Healthy at various Government Colleges

Posted on Friday, July 25, 2014 by LEAD

We approached the Govt. Hospital Doctors at Jamakhandi to seek permission, & explained them about the purpose of our project. We educated the women on following things.

1)   Value of the nutrition food- For Mothers as well 
as babies also --- My self with my LEAD partners
explained what food is best for the Mothers during the
pregnancy and also after the pregnancy, & how to take
care of new born babies.    

  2)  Vaccination- We explained the Value of the vaccination for babies after their birth. We said them to vaccinate their babies on time to time without missing (Vaccines like Polio, BCG, Chicken Pox etc.) and also we explained the causes after missing the vaccinations.

3)   Breast Milk- We explained the value & Importance of The Breast Milk. We said them to feed their babies up to 3 years. 


  4)  Gender discrimination- We said them not to discriminate between a girl and boy. Every child is precious. We explained the achievements & role of women in 21st century. 
Finally we distributed the nutrition food like dry fruits, Fruits, biscuits & the Booklet containing the information about vaccination & Breast Milk for 75 mothers, 30 post operation mothers and 50 Women in wards.


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