LEader Makarand designed a system to switch on and off the pump set with just a message.

Posted on Friday, September 12, 2014 by LEAD

Leader Makarand designed a system which helps the farmer to switch on and off the pump just by sending an SMS. Makarand’s dad is a Doctor. Once late mid at 12 am a man visited his house. LEADer enquired with the person about his late night visit and he got to know that the person had a snake bite while he had been to his farm late in the evening to switch on the pump. Next Morning Makarand met the farmer and asked the problems relating to switching on water pumps. Farmer said that there will be a problem relating to phase, because the phase will be provided during Night time after 11'o clock. Makarand met other farmers and he heard the same problem from most of the farmers.

Makarand then started to think and came up with the solution and designed a prototype and it worked for small motor of 12v. LEader then increased that to 440v, to balance with the pump set in the field which helps the farmer to start his water pump with the help of his mobile that is through GSM Facility (global system of mobility). Basically the project works on the concept of SMS (short message service). When a farmer sends a message, the device turns on and he gets the acknowledgement message as Device on and if the pump wants it to be off, farmer sends a message as turn off, the device gets turned off, which helps the farmer to switch on or off the water pump from any part of the world.

It successfully worked, and this project is being implemented in two Fields at Belgaum. The market price of the product is 6000, but the prototype designed by Makarand is just costing about 1800/- with the intention that all the farmers can afford for it. Farmer who had a snake bite is using the device and he is grateful to Makarand and said "Thank You Sir, for making a wonderful project for us". Makarand is happy with the initiative that he has implemented in Belagum.

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