LEADers of MES College celebrated Teacher's day in a unique way.

Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014 by LEAD

LEaders Archana Hegde, Chetana, Ganapati of MES College of Commerce Sirsi took initiative to celebrate the teacher’s day by conducting some activities to them as they teach and guide students to follow the right path. Students honoured the lecturers with flowers, and conducted Leadership Activities for the teaching faculties so that they take up the initiative to encourage other students, to showcase the talents that they have and also to minimize the gap between the lecturers and students.

In order to appreciate the efforts of the faculties the students gifted them with the hand-made greeting cards prepared by the LEAD students which were prepared during LEAD leadership Program.

First activity was about promoting the students to attend the classes. The faculties were given five minutes of preparation time to enact on the situation, where there are no students coming to our college and the lecturers should take up the initiatives to attract students.
Second activity was to perform the skit on any scene of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Faculties were given five minutes of preparation time and 15 minutes to showcase the skit. Two teams prepared the skit which was appreciated by all.

Third activity was to pick and run. The faculties were requested to stand near the audience and they had to collect the things announced by the organizers of the game and give the things as soon as possible. Whoever brought it first was given the scores.

Faculties of MES College appreciated the efforts of the students.

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