Vidyadhaan by the LEADers of Vijay Rural Engineering College

Posted on Monday, September 15, 2014 by LEAD

LEaders of Vijay Rural Engineering College, Satyaphanindra, Charan, Srujan and Rajesh took the initiative to spread knowledge by implanting their idea Vidyadhaan. LEaders feel that it is an idea to spread knowledge for all especially to make the rural students access to good knowledge oriented and subject oriented books.

LEADers approached to 500+ students of their college and asked them to donate books & stationary items like aprons, drifters and scientific calculators, which were used by the students in their previous academic years.
LEaders thought of the idea because they had identified that there are many poor students studying in the college, who cannot even afford to buy the necessary things.

LEaders with the support of their librarian convinced their Principal to allocate a bookshelf for preserving the obtained things and also they are maintaining a register for systematic process. Till date many important volumes of subject oriented books and stationary items are received and around 60 students are benefiting by the initiative.

To turn the idea into action was challenging as the students had visited several times to Principal to seek the permission for book shelf. LEaders explained several times to the other students for the purpose of collecting books and other stationery articles. Students realized the purpose and started responding to the LEADers was most overwhelming moment for them. Faculties and the fellow mates appreciated the efforts of them which made them feel happier. LEaders learnt the art of convincing the people for the right cause. Knowledge is the resource, which cannot be destroyed is what LEADers said.

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