LEaders Raise Dengue Awareness in the Slums

Posted on Tuesday, October 07, 2014 by LEAD

Shubham Daliya recently met a young child, living in a slum, who was suffering from Dengue disease. His condition was critical, and his parents were helpless due to a lack of knowledge regarding the disease.  Seeing this child and his family suffer, Shubham Daliya felt the need to do something about it. He and his peers Shubham, Amulya, Avinash and Eshwar (VREC, NZB) created an awareness campaign to educate slum people on the disease. They first researched all the symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment methods of the disease, and then went to the slums to share their learning with the people. The students equipped many people with knowledge they need to understand the disease, avoid it right from the beginning, and what they need to do if they do become infected.

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