LEaders Celebtrate Rhaksha Bhandan

Posted on Wednesday, October 08, 2014 by LEAD

The Police department of Dharwad are committed to protecting and serving the public each and every day. Harish S.G, of K.H.K. Institute of Engineering Dharwad, along with partners Shivaraj U. and Raju Naik, felt that these hardworking authorities deserved a celebration in honour of their noble work, so they decided to visit them at their station in Vidyaglri on August 10th 2014 to engage in a Raksha Bandhan. Equipped with the Rakhis they had prepared at home beforehand, they performed the celebratory Raksha Bhandan with thirty members of the police force, who were appreciative of the visit and happy to engage in the ceremony and conversation.

Following the same thread, Nagaratna G. Savnur, along with Soumya P.R., Raju Nayak, Shrinivas and Aishwarya K. saw a similar lack of attention and appreciation for a population in India’s society. Visually impaired children are a disadvantaged group who may have otherwise gone unnoticed, but these LEADers brought sweets and Rakhis, as a token of appreciation and protection. The celebrated Raksha Bandhan on August 8th 2014 with these children, revealing the compassion, kindness and support of these LEADers.

We can see through these student-lead visits that the Rakhi celebration does not only have to be between brother and sister, but can also solidify trust, duty, and love between unrelated people from different walks of life, as a way of honouring protection. Some of the people who protect us when we most need it are our medical professionals. For this reason, Shainivas S.M., along with Vijaykumar, Lava, Rakesh and Laxman, visited Dharwad’s Civil Hospital to celebrate Rhaki with 10-20 of the the doctors, nurses, patients, and others who were present.

It can be said that the epitomical places of diverse, unrelated people encountering each other are public spaces. Places such as the market or RSS are sites where one may not originally think to celebrate Rakhi, but the coming together of strangers in this tradition is a powerful thing that Aishwalya and fellow pupils Soumya, Raju and Sheinivas, of the K.H.K. Institute of Engagement, anticipated. The tied Rakhi for over 20 people to bridge the gap in trust and unity on August 10th 2014.

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