LEaders Express Gratitude to Police Staff

Posted on Thursday, October 09, 2014 by LEAD

Along with his team members Mukund Ningannavar, Neha Chotrani, Ekta Bhingarde,
Arun Patil, Prem Jakati and Revan Gadav of KLE Society’s CBALC (Belguam), Samarth
Kadkol set out to show his appreciation for the local police department. As he explains,
the members of the Police force have a very difficult job, and sacrifice a great deal of their
personal lives in order to protect us each and every day. The work for them persists, even
when there are festivals or holidays, and they never carry the expectation to be thanked by
the public. These students visited approximately 80 police staff from 5 police stations to 
show their appreciation for the hard, selfless work they do.

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