LEader Akhil Surveys Problems in Nizamabad Government Hospital

Posted on Monday, October 13, 2014 by LEAD

In Nizamabad, there is only one hospital to care for everyone. LEader Akhil had caught wind of issues at the one and only hospital, such as a lack of daily cleaning and water facilities, and instances of patients getting mixed up. He decided he wanted to learn more about what was actually going on in this hospital. Akhil, along with Harshitha, Saketh, Navanitha, Sravan, Prashanth (SSR, NDC, VREC, KCEA) decided to survey the admitted patients in the hospital, to find the inside scoop on what the problems are, and how they could solve them. They first obtained permission from the Charge, who allowed them to survey in 3 of the 4 wards (the 4th was in bad condition). They discussed the hospital’s problems with over 50 people, in the process learning how to interview strangers and gaining ideas of how to make the hospital a better place.

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