LEader Aparna Bhalchandra Creates the "Mr. Allrounder" Kitchen Appliance

Posted on Monday, October 13, 2014 by LEAD

Miss. Aparna Bhalchandra Kulkarni and her partners Aparna Bhalchandra Kulkarni, Mrunal Anand Marathe, Bhagyashri Prasad Kulkarni, Monika Anil Satpute, Pratibha Tukaram Patil and Tejaswini Suryakant Sandage of DKTE Society’s Textile & Engineering Institute (Ichalkaranji) had the idea of creating an all-in-one kitchen aid appliance planted in their minds. However, it wasn't until they participated in the LEAD Leadership Challenge that they had the platform to turn their idea into reality. They had all experienced the time and labor consuming nature of kitchen work, and wanted to build a low-cost appliance that would ease the mealtime preparation process.
Firstly, they designed the machine using CATIA software. Then, with the guidance from Mr. Nikhil Pattanshetti and Mr.Swapnil Koli, they began to turn the design into the tangible “Mr. Allrounder.” They hunted for suitable, low-cost materials, and settled on plywood, N8 bolts and stainless steel upon trial and error. As it is made up of wood, it is shock and corrosion resistant, making it safe and hygienic. They executed the manufacturing process in a carpentry and machine shop. During which time, they also installed a motor that would surely cut all the necessary fruits and vegetables - onion, potato, carrot, brinjal, leafy greens, apples, guava, and the like. This project is low-cost and highly efficient, decreasing labour time and effort. As number of operations can be done at once, it can function as a domestic appliance but also in large-scale productions such as in hotel kitchens, orphanages, seniors’ homes, etc.

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