Recognising the Unrecognised: LEaders care for seniors on World Elders’ Day

Posted on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 by LEAD

World Elders’ Day is celebrated annually to show respect of and gratitude for, the elders of India’s society. Satya Phanindra Saibewar and his colleagues Vikas, Kalyan and Akhil (Vrec, Gscet, SSR) noticed that these celebrations usually happen in the home and, while they are great and important, many disadvantaged people get left out. They noticed that many elders did not have anyone to care for them: they were homeless, begging, and suffering from various diseases. Additionally, the temperature in Nizamabad can drop down to 12 degrees celsius, which proves very problematic for elders living on the street. All these seniors are suffering, to different degrees, and some have faced death. Satya and his team empathized with these people, and wanted to find a way to make their lives even slightly better. They fundraised 2,300 rupees and used this money to purchase 16 high-quality blankets, and fruits, which they distributed to homeless elders. They also sent an official request to the District Revenue Officer, requesting that temporary shelters be put up in the city in order for these people to survive in the cold months. These LEaders have found a great deal of satisfaction in knowing they helped care for 20 people who would have otherwise gone uncared for. 

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