My Story: Naveen Kumar HP

Posted on Tuesday, October 28, 2014 by LEAD

Naveen Kumar HP (BVBCET Hubli)

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“Technology should be utilized to better society, not to harm the environment.”

Failures are stepping stones to success. I tried hard to improve the attitude of myself and those I am surrounded by towards education by teaching my friends at home at Koppal. I succeed partially, and that was my first step in my leadership. Then, I realized the mindset that “work builds, charity destroys”, a philosophy adopted by Baba Amte, which mentioned in his biography. He said that 3 "D"’s are necessary for success: Dedication, Determination, and Devotion. This resonated with me and drove me to adopt this philosophy in my life.
I heard about LEAD from my friends in my 1st year BE.  I already had an idea to better society, but I needed a platform to implement it. When I started my "project" I didn't know what that it meant exactly. I asked Geeta Hegde, who explained everything about LEAD projects, and encouraged me a great deal to start up what would later be called the “Ground water recharge system.” My idea was inspired by the Ramon Magsaysay award winner Rajendra Singh, a well known water conservationist from Rajasthan who is commonly known as the "water man of India." His organization has been recognized for its success in revitalizing rivers, renewing groundwater supplies, and granting access to clean water to people who formerly had no access by making check Dams.

All civilizations have flourished on river beds, and water resource is of utmost importance for all living beings. If we don’t conserve the available resources such as rain water, lakes and ponds properly, the water will flow and mix with pollutants and turns to unusable and non- recyclable waste water. To reduce this, we have taken up a project of proper utilization of rain water for the welfare of the society. This is a small effort from our team towards a larger goal.

For this project we sought technical assistance from Sikandar Meeranayak, CEO and founder of SRDS (Sankalpa Rural Development Society). We planned a rain water harvesting and ground water recharge method, and conducted a bore-well water recharge in the Hallikeri village near Annigeri Dharwad. Our project has helped provide water for 12 acres of land and intern increases the crop yielding slowly. We built a 2,00,000 litre capacity reservoir to collect rain water coming from various regions of their field, and a filter system around the bore well to filter rain water into Mr.Ashoka Madalli's farm. The filtered water goes into the casing pipe of the bore well through slits which, in turn, increases the ground water level of that region.

To build this system, we first raised Rs 27,525 and invested Rs 26,782. Next, our team worked in the field with labourers, day and night, relying on a great deal of man power, agricultural machinery, and the like. We also created an awareness program for 30 farmers in Hallikeri and other villages about the conservation of ground water. Many other farmers have approached us because they are also interested in what we are doing and what the project means for them. For this project, I was awarded Best LEader award in Yuva Summit-2014.

And one funny thing i would like to share with you is that while everyone was crazed about bikes in college, I sold my old bike in exchange for a bicycle, due to the large pollutants my bike was producing.

In my second project, I surveyed more than 30 villages surrounding Hubli-Dharwad, and documented their water levels for SRDS.
Through LEAD, I also learned to be an entrepreneur in my college. Our team designed an oxygen and nitrogen cylinder carrier, with investment of Rs.4000, and sold it to KIMS Hubli at a price of Rs.7000 at the PUPA event, which was held by our college under CTE (Centre for technical entrepreneur) and conducted many events in my college.
LEAD inspired me to improve myself. I learned to handle crowds, manage my stress, perform multiple tasks and improved my communication skills.

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