Design Thinking Workshop for 26 students of Nizamabad

Posted on Wednesday, November 05, 2014 by LEAD

Students of Nizamabad were excited and interested for the Design Thinking workshop as it was the first time to experience the workshop.

Mr Aditya CEO of Innovation 101 was the key person to make the students, design their own thinking in a unique way. He introduced about himself about his growth and the challenges he faced during his career which was then followed by showing them the video on Innovation through which the students were inspired and motivated. Mr.Aditya spoke a bit on the video due to which the students felt the actual necessities of innovation in our Nation.
26 students were divided into groups of two members each, and then were asked to know each other well and also understand the issues or problems that the students face in their day to day life. The facilitator then made it more interesting by asking each one of them to find the solution for the problems of the other person and then asked to note the feedback about the solution. The activity made the students to enter in to the procedural pattern of Design thinking and innovation.

Leaders were again divided back into several groups of 5 members in each group. The next task was to visit the NGO in nearby cities. The students went to their respective fields and came with various aspects which they observed and noticed there. Groups were then asked to present the observations made by them on which the students got the necessary feedback and addressed the queries.     
Mr Aditya then continued interacting with the students discussing more deeply into the aspects like observations made by the students, problems that occurred and the solutions to the problems and he also gave the complete idea about Crisp statements and few relevant examples.  The Leaders were asked to do the documentation of the observations made by them and the thoughts they had. The students were excited to know the next outcome of it and were ready to take up the documentation details and come prepared the next day.

The second day students were present with full of excitement and zeal to know the next step in design thinking. Initially the facilitator explained the students how to work on a procedural way of excel sheets comprising some aspects like observation, problem specification, and how to bring the outcome, in order to make the common person understand easily which may also help the innovator to solve all these documented things even after few days or a long gap.

Students then witnessed a Skype session with bio medical engineer Mr. Manish Arora from Bangalore. Manish spoke about various trends that are emerging in technological field like Arduino and 3D printing to give clarification on student’s queries.

The day then continued with the session by Mr Aditya to validate the observations and the problems which they had seen. The ratings or validation process for observations was done in a procedural manner by evaluating team’s interest, social impact, technical feasibility and business viability. The observation that got more ratings would be considered as a prototype and then will be worked on solutions for the same. Mr Aditya conducted team building activities for the students, to make them regain their energy. 

At the end of the day, the facilitator had taken up brain storming session, in which he had taken a problem and asked students to give solutions in their own way, this made students to think and lots of ideas got generated by students with a short time span. The students were amazed to know their own potential and strengths.  The facilitator then asked the students to stay focused on the problems that they have identified and find the solutions to them which would help them to think further at the same time contribute to the nation.

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