Koutilya Fellows raise Rs.1,38,600 for students in need

Posted on Saturday, November 22, 2014 by LEAD

Deshpande Foundation’s Koutilya Cohort 7 Fellows know the importance of higher education and the power it has to open gateways in people’s lives, but they also know about the numerous barriers there are for underprivileged people trying to get an education. They wanted to make the lives of these people a bit easier and utilize the LEAD platform, so they got permission from the Hubli-Dharwad police commission and then went around the city of Hubli to fundraise. In only one day, these 139 fellows raised Rs. 1,38,600, which they used to purchase school supplies such as books, pens and dictionaries, to give to underprivileged people who are eager to study. 1,300+ high school and primary school students ( from the city of Hubli as well as its rural surroundings) benefited from this project, and the fellows are looking to help another 3,000 in the future. Throughout this project, the fellows were  motivated by the idea that:                                                   
       “every youth should take initiative in this present society then only we can change our country.

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