LEaders say no to crackers on Diwali to help feed 35 malnourished children

Posted on Saturday, November 22, 2014 by LEAD

“We can observe that, most of the youth waste a lot of money for crackers on the occasion of Diwali, which causes a lots of sound and air pollution.”, says LEader Satya Phanindra. Her and her fellow team members Vardhini, Sneha, Harshitha, Navatha, Kalyan, Vikas, Vinay (VREC) decided that they wanted to make things different this year for Diwali. They decided to approach people and ask them to, instead of spending their money on polluting crackers, donate to children suffering from malnutrition. Hence, they fundraised enough to provide a proper meal for 35 malnourished children. They then went to Tagore's Vidyaniketan School and not only distributed the food, but also interacted and played with the children, and even toaught them some dance. This as very special and much appreciated time, and reinforces their idea that “a small gesture can go a long way in reducing someone's pain.”