Mr. Samir Kumar Visits Kakatiya Sandbox, Nizamabad

Posted on Thursday, November 20, 2014 by LEAD

On 29th October 2014, Mr. Samir Kumar (Managing Director of Inventus India, VC of Acer Technology Ventures, and Governing Body of TiE Bangalore) visited Kakatiya Sandbox in Nizamabad. He was received and felicitated by Mr. Ram Reddy and Mr. Amrut Patil (Program Manager, KS). The event was a great opportunity for LEAD students of Nizamabad to interact with, and learn from, such a notable entrepreneur.
The students asked him questions about managing his career and being an entrepreneur. To begin with, Satya asked “what are the things that an organisation is aiming for when recruiting a fresher?” Samir replied: “soft skills, communication skills, subject knowledge to a little extent, and discipline.”

Next, Sharon asked “what's the criteria that the investors are bounded up while investing in someone?” Samir replied, "the abilities of the team members, their coordination, innovation and the concept beyond their startup.”


Leader Nikhitha asked, “what factors should be considered when our organization is collaborating with another organization?” “Make sure that the partner with whom you venture is going to collaborate. Prefer for the person who are familiar with the venture, and get proper information about the partners”, Samir responded.
Archana noted that she want to become a software engineer and to have her own startup like Software Solutions. She asked, “what's your advice for future planning?”, to which Samir answered: “she's on the right path. All she needs to do is go ahead with proper planning and commitment.”
Srujan asked, “how do you make a team for a new start up, and how to move ahead if your startup idea is stolen by someone else?” Mr. Samir answered: “always we need to have a hard working, smart, and like-minded team members. Also, have alternatives to face any sought of situations.”

Saketh said, “I'm a techno-interested guy, pursuing commerce degree. How do I go ahead?” Samir replied to Saketh: “Complete your education first, and then to go for some technical courses from the institutes if you are interested.”
Anvesh asked whether to choose web technologies or networking as a career. Samir replied: “both are the best fields in our current situation. It is better to choose the field which you are most interested in.”
Rajesh asked, A good leader, a good follower. Who is the best among?” "Actually, every person can't be a leader. If so, then who will they lead? So, being a good follower is not bad. So, up to me, both are best”, said Samir.

Then Akhil questioned what Mr. Samir aimed for when he was a graduate. Did he accomplished it? And what else did he want to have? With a smile, Samir replied: “I was a aimless fellow initially, but later with the pioneering of my father, I chose my career and am satisfied with it.” Samir also noted that he has a dream to have a corruption free India, for which he is ready to contribute his services if needed.
Mr. Ram Reddy also shared examples from his life and inspired students before the session came to a close and Samir wished the LEaders all the best for their futures.

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