Apurva from lucknow shares her experience about LEAD Prayana interview

Posted on Saturday, December 20, 2014 by LEAD

Apurva a LEader from Lucknow had applied for the LEAD Prayana interview to experience the leadership journey and she has shared her experience about it, she had attended the telephonic interview and had received the task in order to prove the leadership qualities in her. 

Apurva accepted the challenge and she thought of donating her old clothes to the needy kids. It was indeed a challenging task for her to arrange all the clothes in one night so she approached her mom and friends to help her. The second problem faced by her was to find the needy people during day time as they would be found only at night while going to sleep. Apurva collected all the clothes which are of no use to her and walked to the kids on the street and distributed to them. 

Kids were very happy after receiving the clothes and most of the people rushed towards her which was again challenging for her to handle the situation. She equally distributed the clothes and made everyone satisfied, around 50+ students were given distributed with the clothes at Chinat Village. Apurva was touched and speechless by the response of the people. Elderly people showered blessing upon her and she feels that it was worth doing the task as she feels that it was most relaxing and satisfying work that she ever did.

Apurva is thankful to LEAD Team for the task given as it helped her in realising the leadership qualities. She feels proud and says that it was one of the memorable moments in her life.

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