Manufacturing ropes out of waste plastic bags

Posted on Monday, December 29, 2014 by LEAD

Every day many plastic bags are simply thrown away after usage causing environment pollution. A LEader from SJM Arts, Science and Commerce College in Chitradurga took an initiative to reduce the waste and came up with the solution. Harish decided to bring rope-manufacturing machine to produce ropes from these used plastic bags. 

Production of ropes from the raw material is very useful for domestic and construction purposes. People of Ramenhalli village can now use the ropes to tie domestic animals and tie wood pieces for construction. By doing that, Harish not only is reducing the waste but also helping the environment. Being excited about the project, more than 100 of people participated in the project to support Harish and more than 80 people found the ropes very useful. The impact of this project for the society is great, as it helps to reduce the waste, help the environment and produce useful ropes for residents of the village.

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