Anamika brought a difference in Nariya Lanka Colony

Posted on Monday, January 12, 2015 by LEAD

Anamika and her team from Faculty Of Law College, Banaras Hindu University wanted to bring difference in the locality of and the streets of Nariya Lanka colony as they were dirty. LEaders visited more than 40 household people and created awareness about cleanliness and also requested them to maintain the colony clean but the group did not get proper response from the people. The team challenged to take up initiative to clean the area which is near to their hostel and accomplished it in a day.

Anamika with her team planned and collected Rs.1,300/- from the hostel girls and also few supported people of the colony to purchase brooms and dustbins to clean the colony. kids and few youngsters of the area joined hands with them in taking up the initiative.

LEaders were questioned about their responsibility of studies and asked them to concentrate on it, but they took it as a challenge and with the encouragement and motivation from the other locality people they brought a change in the area. Children and youngsters decided to maintain the cleanliness in the locality. LEader Anamika and her team completed the initiative under the guidance of Mr. Ajay Suman Shukla in one day and are very happy with their efforts, results and appreciations that they got from the people by completing the challenges taken by them. LEaders want to take up new initiatives and bring in impactful change and be the reason for the difference in the society.