Traffic awareness by Kalaburgi

Posted on Friday, January 09, 2015 by LEAD

Traffic awareness for next generations by Kalaburgi LEaders

As our modern generation is becoming more mobile, flexible, and open minded, there is a current trend for young people to move to big cities. There, knowing rules of traffic regulation is an essential skill. Having this in mind, Pooja Painter from PDA Engineering College in Gulbarga and his friends have organized a program regarding rules and regulations of road traffic.

The Leaders have accepted a challenge to inform students about:
1. How road traffic safety can reduce the risk of car accidents, injuries and deaths of people using the road.
2. What are the best road safety practices and strategies to prevent serious injury despite human fault.
3. How driving license, insurance and other documentation is helpful in identification of a driver and a vehicle.
Other important topics were also discussed during the program.

By cooperating together, people can change the life for the better. Pooja Painter thanks LEAD for supporting his projects. When the Leader had got an idea to make a change, LEAD supported him and helped to realize his ideas. Pooja Painter wishes LEAD team a lot of success in supporting future leaders.

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