DFP students bring change in Amargol Village.

Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2015 by LEAD

On Monday, 22nd December, 23 DFP Leaders of Deshpande Fellowship Program Cohort 12 stepped for Amargol village to make a sustainable local change and provide solution using local resources. The fellows’ solutions were in expertise with their field. The whole objective was to solve various problems of a certain village. The solutions were related to the livelihood, human resources, health and hygiene, agriculture and environment where more than 100 children were given awareness.
Society faces lots of problems due to poverty and economic development. The economy of the country is also constantly degraded, however, education has the power to change this vicious cycle.Therefore, school dropouts, children who are not going to school and their parents were advised; as a result many children joined the school again. 

The drainage system was very poor. The canal was constructed well but due to the regular passage of vehicles the drainage was blocked and maintained poorly. Having communicated with some people of the community it was decided to put slate stone to cover the roads. Approximately 30 families in the area were grateful and appreciated the chance to have better roads. 

Immigrant families from Maharashtra were consulted about children’s health and hygiene. The practice of cooking meals in an open area is unhealthy, as it can cause food poisoning and can make children sick soon. Food poisoning is the main cause of malnutrition and can affect immune system, mental abilities and development of the children. The leaders created health awareness in the schools, around 40 children participating in the awareness activity consulted the parents as well. 

The holistic approach by fellows was very enthusiastic and had a great impact on communities along with promoting their zeal.

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