LEader Vikas Neela from Science Government Degree College in Kalaburgi.

Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2015 by LEAD

A student, who used to always sit pretty quietly in the corner, is now adopting dynamic leadership qualities in his career. Vikas Neela is one of amongst the few students, pursuing his graduation in B.Sc. Science Government Degree College in Kalaburgi. Vikas Neela has made many good friends in his life and with the help of LEAD he has turned his idea into reality. The leader has realized that students don’t do dental checks regularly. However, it is better to prevent a disease, than to treat it. 

In fact, people should have dental checks twice a year on a regular basis. That is why the leader has decided to host a Dental Camp in Kalaburgi local Channamalleshwar High School. Overall, more than 800 students benefited by hosting and participating in the Dental Camp.

“In order to be successful, one has to encounter so many obstacles every day”, says Vikas Neela. Likewise, the leader has constantly tried to encounter all challenges while implementing his idea, such as dental check for many students. Due to a large number of participants, Vikas needed to assist the students in the camp and ensure that all the students were examined. 

Being able to successfully complete the project, Vikas Neela sincerely thanks LEAD Team, who provided with a great opportunity to improve himself.
Having completed the project, the leader has learned organizational skills by being able to organize many students in the place and communication skills by being able to convince his friends to be part of his project.

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