Website that helps in making Resume

Posted on Tuesday, January 06, 2015 by LEAD

In our highly competitive world it is essential for professionals to present themselves to an employer. Resumes serve the needs of both employers and employees in a hiring process. What is more, resumes are especially useful for students who have completed their education and just enter professional sphere. Leader Kshitij Ajagaonkar from SGI College has taken an innovative approach to help students to make their resumes in standard format. 

For this project Kshitij has made a website in which a user can create his or her personal resume following important rules and format which are extremely important for getting a good job. Although leader had some technical problems such as getting a domain name and uploading the project to the Internet, the project was successfully completed and more than 1000 people used the website to create their resumes. 

Thanks to this project, Kshitij has learned how to create a competitive resume and realized the importance of resumes in today’s world.

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