LEader Apurva from City College Of Management organised carreer guidance for Higher Secondary students.

Posted on Saturday, January 17, 2015 by LEAD

10th and 12th class students are the ones who are at the most important stage of life . It is the phase of life where their future gets  decided with the course and career they choose. However, all the 10th and 12th  students face a problem of deciding their career as they lack knowledge . Most of the students do not  have exposure about career options available and they wont be aware of the scope of each career .

The under-privileged students wont even have anyone at family to guide them and encourage them to choose  a career which utilizes their talent and skills to the best. LEader Apurva identified this problem in the society and thought of contributing her best in improving this condition by guiding them. Apurva believes that a  strong India can  only be  created when the youth of India are  trained to be skilled and work  with a desire to excel. For this choosing a career which suits their abilities is extremely essential.
Hence she took up the LEAD project of guiding the students of 10 and 12th class through career seminar.

Firstly, she choose a  Government school at Barbanki where the number of under privileged students were high. Then, she approached the principal of the school and took their permission to conduct her 'Career Guidance Seminar". Later, She and her team members  conducted a session for students on various courses and career opportunities in India  . In-between, she also showed them the videos to prevent the session from becoming monotonous. Few audios were also played to increase the curiosity among students.

LEader Apurva was initially scared as people were critic about her abilities and even she was scared about  speaking on stage in front of several people . However  her desire to educate the children overcame her fears and brought foreword the leadership qualities hidden within her. By the end of her project Apurva was very delighted .

Apurva says "The joy and excitement of the kids while they were asking questions was heart warming . I am happy that I was able to guide the students and also was able to know my leadership qualities."

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