LEader Vikash of IIT(BHU),VARANASI created awareness on women empowerment at Rajasthan

Posted on Saturday, January 17, 2015 by LEAD

A women is a mother, sister and a daughter. She is worshiped in India as Goddess yet in Indian society, women is harassed and a girl child is killed before she is born in hers mother's womb .Gender discrimination and domestic violence is highly prevalent in India.

Vikash believes the change can happen only if women herself is empowered to fight against the injustice towards her .
Hence Vikas decided to become a LEader and  took up a LEAD  project 'ROAR' to boost their confidence and make them strong from within. He created a platform for girls to exhibit their talent and increase their networking. Vikas choose rural area as his target as he felt the child marriage and dowry cases were more from rural areas.
First and foremost he conducted speech and discussion for women at YSN College, Sohli, where around 50 girls participated. The discussion was about improving the status of women in the society.
The solutions suggested by girls were

 1.Dowry should be strictly banned  because of dowry ,parents consider their daughters as extra responsibility. Parents do not  provide proper education and same rights to their daughters as to their sons as they consider women will get married and waste of their money. So, all girls should decided to stand against the dowry system in their relative’s marriage.
2. Also “ghhonghat-pratha”(Face covering)  in rural regions was part of discussion and the girls condemned the same. 

Finally the conclusion of the whole discussion was that the girls should also be provided equal freedom as boys have in society. The second event that LEader Vikash conducted was Singing and Dancing.30 students participated with 200 spectators. LEader Vikash wanted to energize them and motivate them to aim high and achieve greater.
The third event he did was Rangoli competition and lantern decoration . Women are creative and this platform will expose them to several varieties possible  and will cause exchange of ideas and will broaden their horizon. The last event he took up was "Fancy dress" with theme as 'Rural India' . This he did with an intention to increase the knowledge about Indian culture among  girls.

Finally after conducting four events, LEader Vikash says, "I feel glad that girls participated actively and showed keen interest in bringing a change in the society ". LEader Vikash hopes to conduct more activities of these kind and encourage women to participate in greater number and expose them to life beyond the confines of a house.

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