LEader of DIET College volunteered to teach Government schools creatively.

Posted on Saturday, January 17, 2015 by LEAD

We all know how learning experience is important for children. In DIET institute students are given special training how to teach children. That is why LEader Stuti Mishra, along with her friends decided to teach in a governmental school of Vikas Nagar in Lucknow on January 10, 2015. 

As a team of leaders, they have decided to teach for the whole week using new interactive methods of teaching and entertaining games instead of traditional lessons. During the whole teaching week, students were using some materials to teach in an interactive manner. 

While teaching language lessons, students did some play role games. Stuti Mishara and her friends also focused on physical education lessons. Below is a feedback of one child named Rahul: “Madam ji ab kal se padhne mei maja nahi ayegi.” All the children were very happy to get contact numbers of their teachers to keep in touch in the near future.

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