M M College LEaders Create Awareness on Addiction

Posted on Wednesday, February 04, 2015 by LEAD

LEAD members with the help of students from MM College and LEader Romy Parkhe created a campaign on "Addiction Awareness" in Thergaon. Firstly, Niraj Borate (Program Associate, LEAD) took a small session and explained to students what is LEAD and its activities. After, LEAD members shared experiences with LEAD team. After the session, LEAD members divided students into small groups, assigned to them different topics regarding social issues, so that each group can join their LEAD member and work on the projects together.

LEader Romy Parkhe joined his group and started to work on the project called Addiction Awareness campaign. All his group members were excited to participate in his campaign. The aim of the project was health awareness about the harm of smoking. Together they went to a nearby stall where they found 2 young college students smoking. Romy’s teammates explained young smokers the harm of smoking. Students responded positively and promised to give up smoking.

Comments of some group members are:
Rahul: "I felt confidence arising in me."
Akshay: "I was satisfied with the ability to do something good for the environment."
Romy (LEader of the team): "I have experienced a beautiful and encouraging moment. I have learned how to lead and what is the role of the LEader". 

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