Shrinivas Teaches Chalk Art to Children

Posted on Wednesday, February 04, 2015 by LEAD

Shrinivas, a student from KHK Institute of Engineering in Dharwad is really interested in art. He also likes to be involved in new art opportunities. Firstly, this kind of art started in 2003 with an initiative of Shrinivas’s friend. Shrinivas was 10 years old when he became involved as well. Shrinivas started to create souvenirs made of chalk with his friend. Some time later he lost interest and stopped practicing this art. Eventually, since last year he has started to make these souvenirs again. He showed examples of his work to the LEAD team at Deshpande Foundation.

Shrinivas received a lot of encouragement and support from them. He was suggested to teach this art to other children. From the beginning he was teaching only 5 children in Rayapur, he taught paper cutting and ullan bracelets. Now there are about 100 people who have learned this art with the help of Shrinivas. Currently, Shrinivas teaches at Murarji Desai School. He has met many children who are interested to learn this art.

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