Low Cost Sprinkler for farming

Posted on Thursday, January 08, 2015 by LEAD

Farmers acknowledged that a good irrigational system is crucial for harvesting. If the necessary fertilizers are provided to the plants, then the households will produce more crops. Irrigation sprinkler is a method of watering plants, which imitates rain. The water is distributed through a system of pipes, usually by a pump. Then, the water is sprayed into the air, so that it breaks up into tiny water drops that will water the plants and nourish the soil. Sprinklers should be designed so that the water is distributed evenly. 

LEader Saibanna from S B College of Arts in Gulbarga has designed a very useful low-cost sprinkler for farmers. Saibanna is sure that every farmer can purchase this sprinkler without having much money. For this project the leader has used variety of low-cost materials, such as HP motor, 1-inch pipe, a water bottle, a starter, "Five Quick" glue and 1 stick. 

For this project Saibanna installed HP motor, connected it to AC starter and adjusted the pipes. Then, the leader made holes in a water bottle and attached the pipes to the bottle with "Five Quick" glue. Finally, Saibanna switched on the motor and the sprinkler was ready to start working.
Saibanna's project is valuable for the agriculture sector and especially for those families who can't afford expensive fertilizers and irrigational systems. The LEader will keep working on implementing this project in many households as possible.

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