Teaching Communication Skills to 50 youth

Posted on Wednesday, January 07, 2015 by LEAD

Manjunath is very happy to share the experience of his project named “Communication Skills” which he has done for the students of Nrupa Tunga College of Degree.  

Manjunath has prepared the project for the students of his age, which was the first challenge the leader had to encounter. Many students wanted to participate in the project, overall, the leader aimed to have around 50 students involved. On the first day Manjunath was able to assist only 25 Students, as he had difficulty to organize the students for the first time. However, the next day the leader has managed to get more students for his projects, partly because students started to see Manjunath as a teacher. The leader has felt respect from the students while having a class with them, similarly, as they would respect their teachers. 

Manjunath is happy for this teaching opportunity thanks to this project. This project has helped the leader to realize how important it is to be a knowledgeable person. Manjunath believes that in order to teach something to someone, one should be not only a good listener having a clear mind, but also to be a leader. Another thing that the leader has learned is in order to organize people, one should have a sense of humor, to be a good speaker and communicator. Manjunath thinks that it is important to greet others before they do it. The leader also has learned time-management and organizational skills, being able guide others and manage the team. The leader thanks Deshpande Foundation for giving this excellent opportunity to prove and enhance students’ leadership skills.

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