Cleaning a garden in historical place of Kolhapur

Posted on Monday, February 23, 2015 by LEAD

Once Yuvaraj D Patil from VSM Institute of Technology in Nipani came all the way from Hubballi to Kolhapur. The first thing Yuvaraj noticed is rickshaw stop full of garbage. When Yuvaraj visited Town Hall Garden in Kolhapur, he noticed that garden was not clean. Then, the LEader asked one of the workers why such a historical place in town is dirty. The worker told Yuvaraj about the problem of keeping this place clean. After this occasion, Yuvaraj has taken a decision to solve the problem and help clean the garden, so that a historical place can be preserved and visited by many people again. Having both received and raised funds of 550 rupees, Yuvaraj used the funding to help the city. For this project Yuvaraj used radium, tisco tapes and scissors. Having created a group of volunteers, cooperated with rickshaw union, Yuvaraj was able to finish his project and clean the garden. Yuvaraj is very proud that because of the project, town hall Chhtrapti Shahuraje Pales looks good now. After the project was done, Yuvaraj encouraged other people to keep the garden clean.

Advantages of this project are numerous: this project has a good impact on environment; historical place of the city is clean again and can attract even more tourists. Overall, the look of the town hall is improved.
Hopefully, from now on people will keep the garden clean.

One of the challenges that Yuvaraj faced is attracting more people and volunteers to help. Making a group and organizing people was not easy. However, Yuvaraj overcame all the challenges and received a good feedback. The Leader considers this project as a great achievement in his life. Now Yuvaraj is happy about the impact of this project, as he truly believes, “Good India is clean India”.

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