Electricity Use: Fewer Bulbs for a Life Time

Posted on Monday, February 23, 2015 by LEAD

People tend to use electricity in their homes even during the daytime, because it can be very dark in their rooms. Yuvaraj D Patil from VSM Institute of Technology in Nipani came up with the innovative idea to reduce electricity use during the day using sunlight. Having intention to make electricity bill smaller for economically challenged people, Yuvaraj introduced a way to save electricity using empty plastic bottles. Knowing that 90% of houses in Nitawade have roofs, it was easy for Yuvaraj and his team Neha and Chinnari to attach empty bottles to the roof to produce light for up to 12 hours. Young LEaders started to implement their project on 7 January 2015 and finished on 9 January 2015. For this project Yuvaraj took an empty plastic bottle and filled it with water. After that, Yavaraj and his team inserted the bottle between the bricks of the roof, so that one half of the bottle was outside facing the Sun. According to Yuvaraj, the bottle will absorb sun rays and produce light like a small voltage bulb. This is how the other part of the bottle can lighten up the whole room. Using this simple method that everybody can repeat, now people can do their work even in a dark room. Although it was difficult to cut empty bottles and make them proper size, Yuvaraj and his team were able to accomplish the task. With the small fund of 250 rupees, Yuvaraj was able to help many people save not only their money, but also decrease electricity use. The most useful thing Yuvaraj and his team have learned is that small mechanisms can lead to great achievements.

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