LEAD Information Session to Mahila Mandel

Posted on Saturday, February 21, 2015 by LEAD

One of the main qualities of the leader is to inspire and motivate. Thus, Yuvaraj D Patil from VSM Institute of Technology in Nipani has taken an initiative to give an information session to Mahila Mandel women of Nitawade. Yuvaraj’s intention was to motivate the women in Mahila Mandel community by giving them an inspiring example of LEAD members Anuradha and Zaba Khji. To make this project happen, Yuvaraj organized a video screening about stories of LEAD members on 8 January 2015. Yuvaraj was sure that by watching this video, women of Mahila Mandel would be motivated again for further action to inform about women’s problems. To implement the project, first, Yuvaraj informed women about meeting details. When the meeting started, Yuvaraj started to show his video to women in which the idea to protect women was promoted.
Although Yuvaraj has faced some challenges in organizing Mahila Mandel meeting, in the long run, he was able to deliver the idea to the women and received a good feedback.

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