A Right to Speak

Posted on Friday, February 20, 2015 by LEAD

Elder people are respected in every society and in every community. Communication with elder generation can help young people to realize many problems and to learn about first hand experience.

Having this in mind, Stuti Mishra from DIET College in Lucknow, organized an event that fostered the discussion between young and older generations. On 12 December, 2014 15 girls and an artisan women shared their problems regarding the work. Before the event organized by Stuti Mishra, artisan women haven’t realized their problems. However, this event shed the light on many difficulties artisan people have in bringing their art to the market. Because of this, craft production by artisan people is limited to only those who already know about them. The event organized by Stuti was intended to help artisan people realize their problems in craft production and get rid of them in the future.

The following problems were discussed during the event:

1. Artisans’ work does not reach those who wish to buy it. Crafts are limited to artisan community only.
2. Artisan women are exploited by agents when they produce their work on a contract basis
3. Raw materials are very expensive
4. Creative work by artisans is not known by their names. Real names of producers are hidden under the brand name.
5. Artisans’ religion, which is Muslim, does not allow exposing their work, so they need to keep themselves behind parda system.
6. There is a lack of recognition and promotion of artists
7. Lack of resources
8. Direct communication with the market is not maintained
9. Marketing bottleneck
10. Health issues such as early eyesight problems, etc.

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