Rangoli Colours to Save Environment

Posted on Friday, February 20, 2015 by LEAD

If we don’t stop and think today, tomorrow the earth could die.

It is crucial for people to safe the environment for future generations. As environmental issues have became acute, Stuti Mishra from DIET College in Lucknow decided to organize an environmental awareness campaign called “Rangoli Colours to Save Environment”. This project was organized on 5 January 2015, when 200 people including staff and trainees started to create environmental awareness through Rangoli colors in Lucknow. Stuti’s objective was to create a real awareness when people would take care about nature, keep the surroundings clean and go green in every sphere of life. Many of the trainees participated in the project showing different ways how to save the environment. Some of the solutions were very creative and some have even taken a global approach. Some trainees were focused on the ways and methods of saving environment, while others encouraged people to use these methods in every day life. For Stuti’s project, LEADer asked participants to express themselves using Rangoli colours and paint their solutions having environment in their mind. At the end of the project, there was an exhibition of pictures depicting optimistic condition of our environment in the future.

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