Leaders receiving awards from Nobel Laureat Mr. Kailash Satyarthi

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LEader Prajwal and Gagan from NIE First Grade College designed a prototype to teach children about astronomy and make them more interested to learn the galaxy practically. Students understand better when taught practically than theoretically. He is planning to reach out more number of students. LEaders have built a pipe network for planetarium, by realizing that planetarium was not mobile, they accepted a challenge to make a portable planetarium. The procedure to build planetarium was simple and the project did not take much time for them. LEaders have completed the planetarium in less then 4 days and started to promote it to Governmental organizations and schoold for children with disabled people. He has reached 400+ students. Prajwal has got 4 orders for the prototypes from various institutions.

Among the main goals and objectives of the project there were:
1. To promote the wonders of the space to governmental organizations and schools for children with disabilities through mobile planetarium.
2. To encourage scientific thinking among young students.
3. To teach students about planetary systems and tell about eclipses and laws of planetary motion from scientific point of view.
4. To prevent superstitious beliefs like Astrology among young students through planetarium show.

LEader Pallavi wanted to take up initiatives on women empowerment as she had witnessed the hardships of life in the rural environment of the rural people as she hailed from the rural family. Instead of wasting time in home, she thought to train up the rural women about the craft and help them to earn their livelihood and she started visiting the villages Kodekal, Hunasagi, Hokrani and Talikoti and appealed the women and explained the people about her project, they were impressed by this inspiring project. 

Pallavi from SK Degree College was inspired by the NGO SIRI during her visit to Dharmasthala and then thought of implementing similar kind of idea at her place Talikoti. Hence she trained more than 1500+ women out of which 342 women started their business.  Pallavi has completed more than 13 projects and has benefited many villages. She has also completed a project under Jan Dhan Yojana. It has helped 7638+ people of her village to create the bank accounts.

LEADer Yuvraj from VSM Institue of Technology, Nipani has designed a prototype to reduce smoke which helps in the circulation of good air in the room. People, who visited his home, got to know about it and requested Yuvraj to install in their houses too. He has received 48 orders for the prototype out of which 9 have already being installed. Yuvraj is interested in solving problems by doing Jugaad. He also designed a device that generates electricity with the help of gushing water in the peipe. The device is helpful in the farms as water is utilized in larger quantity and also the electricity generated will be helpful to light a light in dark. He is very active LEader and has completed more than 13 initiatives through which lot of people’s lives has been touched.

LEADer from Mr. Kalyan Chakrawarti from GSCET College  has inspired 15+ students from his college and made them to join LEAD program and has also taken several initiatives. His project "Help and Build" has benefited 35+ kids. Every day student attends evening classes, and 20+ students have started regularly attending schools. He has also been raising fund from society and assigned teachers to teach. He pays Rs.2000 to teachers and rent Rs.1000/- every month. Adding cream on the cake, he is taking tuition classes every day from past 2 years and gets Rs.7000 per month. He is very happy about it as there are several children who are been educated.
Kalyan has designed a prototype which helps in saving water as it automatically switches off once the water is filled in the tank due to sensor, the devices is of low cost and is known as over head automatic on and off system! Kalyan has completed eight initiatives which helped many people in the community.

LEader Ravi from Anjuman Arts, Science & Commerce College Dharwad is an Active LEADer and had a taught that there are so many schemes and projects for the poor & underprivileged people, yet many of the intended beneficiaries don’t reap the benefits of such government due to lack of awareness. He worked on the concept of village development and drove of 30 different initiatives which has impacted on more than 4000+ villagers.

Few of his initiatives were constructing homes and helped 12 families in getting homes, 8 toilets, and closing open bore wells, plantation of 200 plants besides lakes in the village which was been given by the Governement officials, promoting Desi sports and there are several other initiatives and many more. People in the locality are very happy with the leader and have extended complete cooperation to him in his initiatives.

Mr. Satya Phanindra from VREC College, Nizamabad is an active leader from past 2 years; he has been inspired by the LEAD concept and started attending workshops, trainings and events/activities of LEAD. (LEAD Innovation, LEAD Kick off, LEAD Valedictory etc). He has volunteered in many events, taken up 13 initiatives and completed the projects, more than 1000 people have been benefited, 30+ students have got inspired by him and joined LEAD program. He has mentored 20+ students, 30+ projects have been documented by him. LEader Satya is passionate in increasing literacy rate in the community where he lives which hinted him to take up initiative to support the cause. 

LEADer Niranjan from AITM Belgaum has designed a device named Hydrogen Kit which increases the bike mileage by 30% and also increases the pickup of the bike with the help of water. He has implemented the device with the Honda Activa and has successfully worked. The advantages of using hydrogen kit is to increase the mileage up to 30%, it reduces the smoke, also consumes less fuel and the pickup of the bike will be increased and it can also be used lifelong. The device is now being used on continuous basis to one vehicle and Niranjan is in process of installing it into several devices making it more user friendly.

There were awards presented as ‘BEST Faculty Award’ to Dr. Ravi S from as he promotes social innovation in college students and focuses on practical learning in students and insisted college to sponsor 12 students to take part in LEAD Prayana, a leadership journey.

Jain College of Engineering got the “BEST Team and Supportive College” for being fully active in the activities of LEAD. The college has completed 70+ projects. It has initiated radium project for railway gate and bullock cart. Two students have been selected as LEAD Ambassador and large numbers of students have participated in the LEADership camp, 4 projects from the college were selected for the Yuva Summit. This year there were 300+ students registered with LEAD and 30+ students from Diploma College who has joined LEAD

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