LEader Divya R Desai from Godutai Engineering College for Women in Kalburgi

Posted on Saturday, February 14, 2015 by LEAD

Today we need to keep in touch with people by phone all the time, whether it is school, work or personal issues. Phones have become an essential part of our lives, without them communication would be much harder and slower. However, people have noticed that batteries drain really fast, which makes communication difficult. 

A student of Godutai Engineering College for Women in Kalburgi,  Divya R Desai, decided to solve the problem of fast battery drainage by using natural resources, such as solar energy. The LEAD Team liked Divya’s innovative idea and helped her by funding the project. Having received 1200 Rs from the Lead Team, Divya was ready to start making her ideas into reality. For her project the leader used solar panels, wires, a boost converter or step-up converter with DC-to-DC power (car charger), a solder that connected all the elements, and other materials.

There is known a method of using solar panels to generate electricity. The electricity is generated by solar panels using the energy from the Sun. The purpose of the project was to find a sustainable solution for mobile phones and extend the life of the battery. The maintain challenge was to find a stable step up device and connect it to adapters with different mobile ports. For the project, the leader followed this proceduresolar panels were connected to DC step up charger with the help of a solder, then, the whole system was connected to mobile charger adapters.

Divya managed to complete the project within one week. The leader recalls how it was difficult to find all the materials needed. Divya  visited many stores in order to complete the project. Having completed the project, Divya has learned how to use natural resources to produce energy and to make people's life easier helping them to stay connected at all times.

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