English for Rural Children

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 by LEAD

 'Language is to the mind more than light is to the eye'
-----Anne Sullivan  

India is a country where 780 languages are spoken but the language that connects educated mass of India is English. Knowing to speak and write English effectively is the requirement of the day.  It opens door to a new world and new possibilities.

Schools in India teach English as one of the subject.  However students find it hard to grasp due to lack of guidance. Hence students end up with fumbling and struggling to communicate English. Identifying this problem Sayedmoin Qazi , a BCA student of KLE's J.T College, Gadag started taking English classes for the students.

He initially started with 6 students which gradually grew to 45. Slowly and steadily, his friends got inspired and they started lending a helping hand to his work.

Impressed by his work, the principal of the Government school has lent him a room where he is taking classes for all the interested students.

LEADer Sayedmoin Qazi is happy that he is spending his free time in an effective way by educating the future of India.   He hopes to hone his teaching and leadership skills by this project. He is working to get more and more school students to his classes and thus make an impact

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