LEADership Camp in Khanapur

Posted on Wednesday, February 25, 2015 by LEAD

LEADership Camp in Khanapur was another opportunity for LEAD participants to come up with different solutions and solve some problems in the community. Absar, Basavaraj K (KLECET, Belgaum) & Principal Sneha H organized a camp in Khanapur for 30 students.
A day in the camp started with some team building activities when all the students had an opportunity to meet each other, introduce themselves and make friends. Then, 30 students were divided into groups of 6 and were asked to choose any 5 problems that they can solve in 5 hours in Khanapur. The teams came up with many small problems first. Later, groups of LEaders sorted out 5 major problems, received some instructions how to handle difficult situation in the community and left for the community activity. All the teams came back by 4:30pm and started to talk about their achievements and project updates. Overall, LEaders finished more than 20 projects:

1. Awareness about the importance of hygiene
2. Parking boards installation in Taishildar office
3. Provided water facilities and dustbins for a bus stop
4. Career guidance to school kids
5. Emergency numbers in public place
6. Fundraising for a retirement home
7. Clothes collection for disadvantaged people
8. Importance of ID card
9. Awareness on smoking, drinking, saving trees and electricity
10. Hand gloves for fast food restaurants

11. Cleaning a bus stop
12. Awareness about using dustbins and not spitting
13. Road signs and signals
14. Personal glasses for drinking water at college
15. Cleaning Taishildar office
16. Cleaning Parking at Taishildar
17. Garden cleaning, putting signs “NO Smoking”, “NO Spitting, “NO Parking”
18. Cleaning Railway station, putting signs “NO Smoking”, “NO Spitting, “NO Parking”
19. Taishildar office, putting signs “NO Smoking”, “NO Spitting, “NO Parking”
20. Government Hospital cleaning, putting signs “NO Smoking”, “NO Spitting, “NO Parking”

21. Making awareness about plastic use
22. Putting signs in the hospital
23. Awareness on cleanness at Sarvoday School
24. Small plants plantation

Students shared great experience in the community. While working, they came across lots of challenges. However, LEaders completed the tasks and tackled the challenges. At the end of the day, future plans where discussed.

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