International Women's Day by LEADer Pritha at Nepal

Posted on Friday, March 20, 2015 by LEAD

A leader is the initiator who takes risks and succeeds it as his ultimate goal.

Women are that power who extends her support as mother to CEO of a company. Her Perseverance, patience, determination, and her care are those things which cannot be replicated by anyone and in Indian subcontinent with the same perspective all the rivers are named on  women.

There is lot of respect for every women in Indian subcontinent and with this focus LEADer Pritha from BHU, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (Ek Soch Sandbox) took an initiative to honor her maid and their family. 

LEADer Pritha on her visit to her hometown in Nepal celebrated Women's Day there with house maids of her neighborhood. She conducted activities and games for them. Pritha also distributed sweets and gifts on this occasion . This initiative was a part of Recognising and Unrecognized. 

"Recognizing the Unrecognized" is an  event of LEAD where LEADers felicitated 18544 women all over India.  It is an approach where women of our society who are rarely recognized and are responsible for important works such as cleaning railway stations, bus stands, picking household trash, selling vegetables etc. were complimented. LEAD and LEADers believe, without these women the world would come to stand still. 

LEADer Pritha thought was to honor a women who works daily to earn her livelihood. She made them to enjoy the wonderful day dedicated to every women on the earth.  The women were so happy that they actively participated in all the activities  and were enthusiastic. People appreciated LEADer Pritha's initiative. Unlike others who honor people who have reached certain heights, Pritha honored women without whom our life would be harder.

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