Street light in Shishunal by LEADer Maruti

Posted on Friday, March 20, 2015 by LEAD

"They alone live who live for others, the rest are more dead than alive"
Swami Vivekananda

Maruti A from Deshpande Susandhi Krishi Chetana in the urge to develop their own village took an imitative to install street lights in the village for the convenience of his own people. Rural India is place where street lights are still a luxury. In some of the interior parts of villages only the primitive methods are used. 

But for the changing India villages need to be empowered with the least basic amenities like Food, Shelter, Clothing And electricity for the day to day activities. In the thought of this basic idea, Maruti A from SKC developed an idea to install street lights in Shishunal. 

LEADer Maruti identified the problem of his villagers who used to go to temple, where there was no street lights and people of that village used to be problems because no proper light facility even to go a temple. Maruthi along with 50 to 60 people went and approached Gram Panchayat for the approval of the street lights and initiated by getting the materials for power supply and getting the KEB line man for the connections.

Gram panchayat was impressed with this idea and they also extended their support to Maruti and team. The students who were associated with Maruti were really enthusiastic and felt motivated to develop their own community in which they live in. Totally 12 street lights were installed at the completion the project. With this project over 200 members were benefited and the whole village congratulated Maruti for the initiative and the whole project tend to be useful for the village.

The team members who stood with Maruti during  the project were Sanjeev, Mahantesh, Geeta, Neelkant, Shabeena, Varshakhan.

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