LEADer Muzammil's Laser Counting Machine

Posted on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 by LEAD

India is second largest populated country in the world. Looking at the rate of population growth , it is soon to become the first in the world. Though human resource is wealth of a nation, it is equally challenging to manage the crowd. However, Technology can reduce the burden by supporting the system in the humongous task of maintaining law and order in a country of 1.252 billion.

LEADer Muzammil , a student of Industrial Training Institute of DIVT College, Haliyal took up a LEAD project to prepare a device which could count number of people entering and leaving a room. The device is to be placed at the entrance of the room.

LEADer Muzammil got 700rs funded from LEAD. He used this fund to buy a calculator, transistor, LED blub ,battery, a sensor and few more electronic materials to prepare his model " LASER counting Machine". This model uses laser and senors to detect the movement of people . With  every movement of a person, the count gets incremented in the calculator.

LEADer Muzammil used the knowledge gained in his classes of ITI to create a model that could serve the society and help in building a secure country. He has presented his model to his college mates and got appreciation for his efforts and idea. His project has also been shortlisted to be showcased at LEAD Valedictory  2015 at Hubli.

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