Exodus 2014

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The hum and buzz in the auditorium at KLS Gogte Institute of Technology on September 19th and 20th for the LEaders in LEAD Exodus ‘14 was ecstatic and undeniable. A great number of students, faculty, and guests gathered to engage with, and celebrate, each others great acts of leadership in effort to create a better India.

The theme of the event was “Stand Up For Women”, so it was well suited that Saturday’s events begin with the lovely traditional Kochipudi dance, literally setting the stage for a great afternoon of empowerment, problem solving and dynamic leadership. Following suit, the two student conveners, Shivaprasd Sannakki and Anam Hudi introduced Principal Dr. A. S. Deshpande to address the audience. Deshpande noted how pleased he was with the student body and all the guests for their engagement with these ideas and projects. This speech was followed by Neelam Maheshwari and Ajaykumar Suman from the Deshpande Foundation, both of whom solidified the coherence between the vision of the Deshpande Foundation’s LEAD program and what was happening at the school. All speakers stressed the importance of the gathering and the value they placed in being there.

It was inspiring, to say the least, to witness all of these hardworking individuals showcase their visions, talents and projects they have worked so hard on. As such, the LEAD staff were pleased to assist in the presentation of awards to the students behind the projects dubbed most powerful. From photography and film to dance and education, the projects were as diverse as they were paramount. The award ceremony was followed by a chillingly captivating hip-hop performance by the students who proved that serious issues of gender issues and human suffrage can be well expressed through the art of dance.

Following the ceremony, the attendees informally met with each other to engage in dialogue regarding the days events and questions of how to best move forward with social change within their country, and individual leadership. Of course, all of this was followed by an outdoor concert so that everyone could really celebrate the success of the past two days and unleash their enthusiasm.

The LEAD Exodus ‘14 at the KLS Gogte Institute of Technology fostered, and showcased, big ideas and great leadership among Karnataka’s youth. It was an important opportunity for innovative thinking, creative collaboration, youth empowerment and great celebration.

Have a glance of all the events at EXODUS

Avatar: Face painting event

Step Up: An event to exhibit the rhythmic movement of the body.


Wrap the Scrap: An event to create awareness about recycling and to get best out of the waste.

Fight for Fame: An adventurous event to challenge the abilities of  the student. To judge the Physical, Intellectual, Social responsive and communication abilities of an individual.

Flash Mob: A random act to create awareness about empowerment and safety of women was held at various areas of Belgaum.

Carnival De Musica: Music is one of the important part of everyone's life. So here was a platform to exhibit the musical skills of individuals. 

Nukkad Natak: Street play is the best way to touch the heart of common and deliver the message on social issues.

The Next Picaso: Art brings out the hidden thoughts and ideas of our  mind. A Drawing competition was conducted to let the college students exhibit their ideas through an artistic way.

Sports: A physical activity with a competitive nature to keep us active all the time was also held. Mix Box Cricket and Boys Kick off was conducted in Exodus 14. 

Stone-age Chef: Cooking a delicious food is a talent which only a few are gifted with. Hence a competition to prepare mouth-watering dishes was organized at Exodus.

Valedictory: The event Exodus was concluded with Prize distribution to the winners of various competition. 

 The Exodus was a great success and it succeeded in creating created a spirit of participation and leadership among students. Exodus with a theme of "Stand Up for  Women"  created a wave among students and every other participant of the event.

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