LEADership Camp at Chitradurga 2015

Posted on Thursday, March 26, 2015 by LEAD

“LEADers are not born, they are made ! ”

Desire to be a leader can only make a person a leader. If he has a desire then, his skills can be honed to become a LEADer. The Leadership camp of LEAD is one such forum where abilities of college youth is brought forward and boosted to make them confident and self- aware. One such camp was held at Chitradurga on March 14, 2015.

LEAD One day outdoor Leadership Camp was held at Auditorium of SJM Dental College  in Chitradurga  where more than 40 students participated. Students from various colleges such as SJM law College, Saraswathi Law College, Maharaja Madakari Nayaka First Grade College Chitradurga, SJM Polytechni College Chellakere and Davangere University.

In this outdoor Leadership Camp students were made to involve themselves in various activities. Following activities to make them physically, intellectually active were conducted:

1.    Micro lab: An ice breaking session which helped students to know each other and mingle better. This session was conducted so that students could exchange ideas among themselves in a better way.

2.    Brain storming session: A session that would make students to think harder and come up innovative and world changing ideas. It was conducted with an intention of expanding their horizon.

3.    Discussed on DAC: A discussion on concepts as Direction, Alignment and Commitment in life.

4.    Understanding One Better: Knowing oneself is essential to live a successful life. Hence a video was shown to students to make them more responsible about themselves.

5.    Initiative: Students identify a problem in campus and come up with a viable solution to it . They also have to implement these solutions and add value to the campus.

Finally at the end of the camp, students had understood the value of oneself, their strengths and weakness. They had got a sneak peak of team management. Finally the camp concluded with a discussion on the most interesting topic “Who is a Leader?”

The students walked back with glow on their face and spirit in their heart. They were motivated through this camp to become a LEADer and bring a change in their world.

LEAD Ambassador Mamatha Nerlige and Master LEADers T.L Ashok and Akhilesh had worked hard in organizing the camp successfully. This has been covered in media of Prajavani News paper.

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