Rally for a Clean Lake

Posted on Tuesday, March 03, 2015 by LEAD

Water is our scarce resource and we should do everything to keep it clean. Because of the lack of filtration facilities, it is necessary for residents of Shishunal to keep their lake clean at all times. Roopa Kattimani is an 11th batch fellow from Susandhi Krishi Chetana (SKC) program by Deshpande Educational Trust who decided to inform the residents of Shishunal and arrange a rally on lack of awareness. It is a sad fact, that many people use lake in Shishunal for their own purposes, such as washing dishes, clothes, vehicles, and buffalos. The water in the lake gets polluted and becomes a source of various health problems, such as allergies, skin irritation and various infections. This kind of water is no longer good for drinking or swimming and it is very bad for the environment. This is why Roopa along with her teammates Amit, Arun, Veena, Subanali decided to take an action and organize a rally. For her project, Roopa along with her team went to the nearby school and asked principal and 25 student to help her. This is how the LEader created awareness among residents in Shishunal and tried to save the environment.