Paper instead of Plastic

Posted on Tuesday, March 03, 2015 by LEAD

One of the most important qualities of the leader is being able to help others and make a change. Thus, Yuvaraj D Patil, a student at VSM Institute of Technology in Nipani developed an environmental friendly approach and came up with the idea to re-use paper. After students complete their studies there are papers and books, which are not going to be used. Usually, students sell paper and get 2 rupees per kilogram. However, Yuvaraj came up with the idea to re-use paper and make envelopes for sale instead of using plastic envelopes. Selling envelopes, students can make up to 10 to 15 rupees per kilogram and safe the environment from excessive use of plastic. For this project, Yuvaraj gathered together all the students from his village of Nitawade. The Leader taught them how to be creative and make envelopes. Although making envelopes was challenging, together students were able to make almost 300 envelopes for sale. After the project was completed, Yuvaraj has realized how many things he was able to accomplish. The plastic use is reduced, environment is preserved, students were able to earn money and gain creative skills.


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