Bus Schedule in Shishunal

Posted on Tuesday, March 03, 2015 by LEAD

Manjunath is an 11A batch fellow from Susandhi Krishi Chetana (SKC) program by Deshpande Educational Trust, who came up with an idea of a bus schedule in Shishunal. Before this project, everybody in Shishunal was confused, people didn’t know the bus schedule and were not aware when their bus was going to come. Manjunath along with his team member Yallappa acknowledged the problem and decided to help community by organizing the bus schedule. Starting from December 10, 2014 and till December 17, 2014 the students were involved in problem-solving action. First, LEaders went to the Grampanhyat to ask for an approval. After getting the approval from Gram Panchayat and further support, the LEaders started an action. Manjunath and his team member made board for the bus stop with the schedule on it. Being provided with brushes and paint, LEaders painted the board in black first. Then, they wrote the bus schedule in white color, so that everybody could see. Manjunath is sure that everybody in the area who regularly uses buses will be benefited by their efforts.

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